Starship Survivor


A Retro-Style Space Shooter Game


The goal was to create a fully functional game from the ground up in 4 months.


I created over 1,000 unique graphics to flood players with hordes of enemies. Each weapon had unique art to give players an impactful experience.


The overall look and feel was to envoke a visually stunning and spectacular sci-fi experience to players of all generations.


While creating each creature for our game I made intertwined backstories to bring depth in hopes of giving players an immersive experience they'd want to unfold.

Although my role for this project was Lead UI & 2D Artist I had to collaborate with engineers and game designers to plan timelines, layout user paths, and iterate on many different screen variatios & elements that went into the game. As a team we came up with our own system for currencies, character upgrades, and gameplay mechanics and were always evolving our ideas. 


We created a space for players to quickly gather game stats and make upgrades using resources collected from each sector before jumping back into the action.

Over 1,000 new and unique textures created.


This project took a team of 2 developers, 1 game designer, and 1 artist 4 months to launch a playable version to the world.


Starship Survivor launched on October 12, 2022, in Australia and Canada for iOS devices. For Brainium, this type of game was the first of its kind, so when creating each of the elements I knew I wanted to push the boundaires of what Brainium had done in the past, while still creating pixel-perfect designs that could live next to the other games in their portfolio.

The worldwide launch is planned for February 2023, which will include many new features such as; more missions, permanent upgrades, ships, while also including some updates and much more! Keep a look out for it on the Apple App Store or download it today if you live in the country it's released.

I came up with a whole backstory and lore for this game. This part of the process helped me visualize the worlds each character came from and what they would look like. I felt it was necessary so players would better understand what they were fighting for. If you'd like to know more please contact me and I'd be happy to share.