Aim high

time flies.


Skyler Elzy considers himself a Designer by trade, but an artist, a dreamer, and an adventure seeker by heart. He finds inspiration from the experiences and relationships he’s built while traveling and bikepacking. He is committed to challenging himself with the unfamiliar; and as a result, his art and designs are constantly evolving.

On this site, you will find a collection of his work which showcases a spectrum of clients, products and some of his illustrations. He has an internal drive to continue building relationships within the industry for inspiration, mentorship, and collaboration. Whether he’s on the job or not, you can always find him having a good time. He enjoys connecting with clients and just wants to work with amazing people. 

He hopes to help bring your idea to life.


On July 1, 2019 Skyler and his partner set out on one of the longest adventures of their life. He and his partner started a 2,700 mile bikepacking trip called the Wild West Route. It spans from the Montana/Canada border to the Arizona/Mexico border through gravel, dirt and service roads. They traveled through 18 national parks, mouments, and public lands. Climbed over mountain ranges as high as the sky, swam in the most crystal clear lakes imaginable. And endured some of the hottest days of riding they've ever ridden in. 

After 3 months of riding he and his partner finished with a sense of gratitude and humbleness for the people and things in their life. He hopes to continue his hunger for exploration and expansion in his everyday life and work. He is now looking to design full-time with you.


Brew Dr. Kombucha, GO Box, Swift Industries, AT&T, Rapha Seattle, Portland Monthly, CocoRidge Coconut Water, Wildflower Baking, Cordien, Code Fellows, Tan Tan, The CooperChase Group, Off-Center Marketing, All Bad Days, Renegade Brewing Company

Instagram: @scrappy_cat


Thanks to my life partner & amazing UX/UI designer Molly Sugar.