Kit Undergarments

Explore our collaborative journey to reimagine the online shopping experience for premium undergarments, blending sleek design with seamless functionality. Discover how our meticulous attention to detail and innovative UI/UX solutions elevated the brand's digital presence, providing customers with a streamlined and immersive shopping journey unlike any other.

The goal of this project had two parts. Create a Stylist approved experience to the customer and create a high-end garment garment buying experience to the web.


Elevating the experience.


We meticulously designed the stylist quiz to offer customers a seamless experience in selecting their preferences and discovering a fit tailored uniquely to them.

As customers make their choices, the displayed products dynamically adjust to reflect their selections, ensuring a personalized and intuitive browsing experience.

Across the entire site, we strategically employed a refined palette of brand colors, complemented by striking new photography tailored to enhance the brand's aesthetic, mirroring the unparalleled quality of its products.

By minimizing clutter and prioritizing visuals that showcase garments on diverse body types, we transformed the user experience, placing a spotlight on inclusivity and elevating the brand's image to new heights.


Kit Undergarments is now exclusively sold on the Third Love site.